About your Order

After you have completed your order on our online store a soft copy of your receipt will be emailed  to the email address used to complete the order, the receipt will confirm your order, listing full details of product purchased, shipping address, order number, and total payment. Please keep your receipt safe incase an unlikely complication occurs.


Order Progress 

Sequential emails will be sent to the email used for ordering, emails will notify you of each phase your order has progressed to.


Order Duration 

Order dispatch is is carried out during the period of Monday - Friday, a dispatched order is allowed 1 to 3 workings days to arrive by your provide shipping address (Holidays and periods of high product demand may affect turnaround time, orders where incorrect information has been shared and required additional verification will be delayed).

Do note that for orders out of South Africa, a different duration and order dispatching method will be followed and communicated via provided email.


Cancelling Order 

Cancelation of your order can be communicated via mailing, with the subject : ''Cancel Order''. It is important to not that the cancelation email is to be sent before the final email is sent to you stating that, your order is now being packaged for handing over to courier.


Terms And Conditions

Before completing a order on our online store it is important to have gone through all the terms and conditions stated and agree with them do email for any questions or uncertainty you may have about the conditions before completing your order.

- An email sent to the email address used to complete your order, acknowledging that your order has been received does not mean it has been accepted.

- A brief waiting period for total amount of funds due to reflect on our end is allowed before we can accept your order and notify that order processing is now under way.

- After completion of your order an email confirmation of your order listing full details or the order will be sent to the provided email address, do go through the email and upon noticing an unlikely error in order details listed, do notify us immediately by mailing, subject : "Order Error".



All product prices by the online store are presented in ZAR (South African - Rand). 

Do note that MAMAGASEHOME is not responsible to cover any custom or import duties that may be levied towards the entrance of your order into the destination country of your address.


All information shared between MAMAGASEHOME and you is to be used only to assist a successful order of your desired product and will only be used for that purpose only and for nothing else, please send us an email for any concerns you may have regarding your privacy and security, 



When making your order on our online store you confirm that you have full legal authority to share with us and use the information provided to complete your order and have legal authority to use the means of payment you have used to complete the order. By completing your order you also agree to authorize us the permission to use the information above to aid the process of a successful order processing and shipping. 

How to subscribe to our newsletter

On every page of the website simply scroll to the bottom, where by the right section of the page you will find a box that reads "Your Email". Enter your full email address and click on the red “Subscribe” button right under the box, after clicking on the box you will receive notification of your subscription via email. By providing your email address and clicking on the red subscribe button you have agreed to subscribing to the MAMAGASEHOME newsletter, you agree to receiving information regarding new releases and news about the clothing brand (Subscription is free). 

How to unsubscribe from our newsletter

Upon the occurrence that you would like to opt out of your subscription, you may do so by clicking on the the word "unsubscribe" found at the very bottom of a newsletter that was sent to your email address.